I saw a great website yesterday that offers a golf swing test. It was created for golfers who want to find out if they have a swing fault that is preventing them from hitting the ball straighter, further and more consistently. If you’re interested, then you should take this golf test too because you might just learn a thing or two that can help you improve your golf swing, which may also improve your golf game.

Golf Swing – Here’s 6 Quick Tips to Give You a Great Golf Swing

By adopting most effective possible golf swing you have to be capable to play the widest quantity of shots employing the same fundamentals. Simple means repeatable without complicating. Keeping the same swing motions for almost all clubs except the putter permits you to swing automatically with “feel” in lieu of “thinking” the right path through confusing check points. Since there are fewer mechanical parts in the simple swing, muscle memory may be developed faster. This leads to becoming more and more confident, a lot more quickly.

Remember these essentials from the golf swing :

1. It is essential to you could make your swing movement inside a perfect rotation around a central point without swaying off in another direction. This central point can be your spine. Think of your respective spine since the fixed pivot point that the hips and shoulders rotate around.

2. Another critical component is your arms needs to be at full extension during all phases from the swing except at natural break points that avoids injury.

3. The wrists should bend (break) fully in the apex of the back swing. This allows proper positing for that downswing.

4. To make probably the most solid impact you have to start the rotation of the hips before putting both hands and arms in motion. This allows the club to “lag” slightly behind the rotation from the hips creating essentially the most flush and powerful impact using the ball.

5. Do not tense your upper body muscles pending a mighty great hit like swing. Taught muscles are NOT flexible muscles and a smooth, fluid swing is impossible to generate.

6. You need to feel and control the swing being a single natural and automatic motion. Your focus should be about the entire action like a one piece unit without centering on a single part. It’s just like the concept, “united we stand – divided we fall.”

In summary: simple is much better, arm extension is leverage, the wrists can be like a hinge, rotate your hips early, chest muscles relaxation for the smooth swing, and sense the swing an individual entity. You should master one of these simple points every week and you’ll be on your way to an increased swing movement.