Have you ever heard of the synergistic effect? Here’s a definition for this effect, and then I’ll explain how you can use it to add yards to your drives.

“An effect arising between two or more agents, entities, factors, or substances that produces an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects.”

Longer Drives Using Synergistic Effect

Well, let’s say I give you a drill that helps you to add 5 – 10 yards to your drives.

You’d love that right?

But then what if the next day I gave you another drill that helped you to add more yards to your drives, then the next day I gave you another drill that helped you to add even more yards, all compounding on the previous drills.

That’s the synergistic effect!

And Jeff Richmond has used that effect in his new 21 Yards In 21 Days program.

Why Golfers Like It

Add 21 Yards in 21 Days

The great thing about this NEW program is that you can do EVERYTHING at home.

Then you’ll see big gains when you play. Your golfing friends will be shocked to death with how far you’re hitting the ball… as you’re completing this.

And That is the most wonderful FEELING and MOMENT you will HAVE!

Plus, each daily activity takes less than 15 minutes, and they can ALL be done at home… so there’s no excuses not to add 21 yards to your drives in 21 days.

OR you get your money back!

If you’ve tried things on the driving range to hit the ball longer you need to go check it out.

On that page is some priceless advice from Jeff Richmond about improvement when you’re trying to add yards to your drives.

Super Low Introductory Price

The introductory price on this is ridiculous. In fact, it’s so low that anyone who really wants to add 21 yards to their drives in 21 days, will get it without blinking an eye.

The price is a bit crazy, but hey, Jeff wants to help as many golfers as possible to add 21 yards to their drives. It makes golf so much more fun the longer you hit the ball.

So go here to get it and start now before Jeff comes to his senses and raises the price.