Ben Hogan was a great golfer and he actually had a swing secret. He found out about it in 1949, which is when he was involved in a car accident. If you take a look at page 30 on The Stress-Free Golf Swing, there’s a quote from a player. The player, who played with Hogan in the 50s, said Hogan told him he had a vivid dream about a golfer from Scotland that performed a swing move that was unique.


Hogan’s Secret

Ben Hogans Secret Golf SwingThe golfer was told by Hogan that he was going to use the swing that he dreamed about. On page 31 and page 32 of the book, you can see before pictures of Hogan’s swing and after pictures of his swing. This right here proves that he did something after the car accident that improve his ability to strike the ball.

Golf should be fun and stress-free, but it’s really not a stress-free experience if your golf swing needs improvement. However, you will finally be able to enjoy a great golf swing. That is if you decide to try out The Stress-Free Golf Swing.

Other Benefits

There are other benefits you’ll get with this, such as you’ll learn how to perform one move that can improve your swing. The chances are you’ve never really focused on this move. Not only that, but you will finally not have a bunch of to do lists running through your head when you take your swing. You’ll finally be able to play golf and not golf swing.

Your swing will be more powerful and you’ll hit the ball straighter, longer and more consistently. You will trust your golf swing every single time. This is because it will be effective, yet simple at the same time.

You’ll finally enjoy hitting the ball more effectively. Not only that, but your swing will be body friendly. Remember, Hogan’s striking improved with age, and the chances are your striking and swing ability will improve as time goes on. When you know what to do, you will enjoy golfing more than you’ve ever had before, so go ahead and give The Stress-Free Golf Swing a try today.