For every single 1 mph of swing rate enhance, a golf player gains regarding 2 – 2.5 backyards. Alex obtained 44.3 yards in distance by increasing his swing rate by 20 miles per hour.

The Golf Swing Speed Challenge was designed by Alex Gairdner. Alex is a British sports scientist who made this program to assist himself to raise his swing speed. I’m unsure exactly what they all suggest, however it appears he has a lot of qualifications to develop a sports physical fitness program.

GolfBut the thing I like about this is that Alex doesn’t only stroll the stroll yet he chats the talk … in terms of results. Alex has said that he developed this program in order to help himself turn faster, and afterwards he video clip his swing speed prior to he began it as well as found his swing speed was 93.8 mph. Then 56 days after completing the program he retested his swing speed and also located that his swing speed was after that 114 miles per hour.

Now that’s impressive range gains in simply 56 days!


Easy To Follow Exercise

After discovering Alex’s individual range gains I wished to take this golf swing speed challenge for myself. When I did I found the exercises very simple, in terms of just what they were. There’s no complex workouts and you can do them all in the house.

To be honest, because I had not exercised in a while I discovered the workouts a bit difficult on my body in the beginning, however as I kept doing them it obtained less complicated and simpler as well as I began to really feel excellent. And really, I can not fault the challenge there … it’s an excellent way to get me working out routinely once again.

I personally believed it was great how you might do all the workouts in the house and also you really did not need to buy costly tools.

Big Win

All the way through the challenge I was checking my swing rate as well as in the beginning I really did not notice any enhancement, which I believe was since my body was changing. Then after a few weeks I noticed a 5 mph improvement and afterwards I kept getting much faster and also quicker till at the end of the program I had a 14 mph breakthrough. That works out to be 30 yards added to my shots.

So Much Fun Golfing

This has made golf so much a lot more enjoyable for me. I’m back to striking par 5’s in two as well as obtaining a great deal closer to the environment-friendly on par 4’s. But one of the most significant benefits of undergoing this program is my swing really feels so much simpler.

Although I’m turning faster it really feels much easier. Also I do not really feel in pain anymore when I’m turning. And I’m turning concerning 80 – 90% on my driver swing so it’s the same as I was turning in the past, however it’s so much faster currently.

Highly Recommend

I have tried lots of various other programs to enhance my swing speed like yoga exercise, static stretches but none of those things assisted enhance my swing speed. After doing this, the results speak for itself. So if you wish to strike the ball further I suggest you check them out.

I have done many other things to try to improve my swing speed like yoga, static stretches etc. but none of those things helped increase my swing speed. After doing this the results speak for themselves. So if you want to hit the ball further I can’t recommend this highly enough.