Here are few simple mental game tips that could transform your golf game for the better. This tip is from
Jeff Richmond who is the creator of the Mental Golf Mastery .

Improve Your Golf Confidence

It is possible to have golf confidence the majority of the time. All you need to do is smile. Let’s face it, it’s hard to be angry when you have a smile on your face.

This makes perfect sense because humans are programmed to feel happiness when they smile. When you move a certain way, such as in a way that displays confidence, then you will feel more confident. This is just how humans are programmed.

Let’s picture this, you hit the golf ball and it was not what you expected. It was a horrible shot. How would you walk to the next hole?

Obviously there’s a difference between hitting a great shot and a bad shot. This means there’ll be a difference in how you walk. So, how can you be more confident and hit better shots more often?

The key is to move your body like you’ve just made a great shot. Do this before you take a shot. Don’t move your body in a confident way after you hit a good shot. Do it before because this can make all the difference in the world.

The next time you are at the golf course, move your body in a confident way before each and every single shot. Pretend you’ve been hitting great shots all day long. The more you do this, the more great shots you’ll make.


This mental game tip was from Jeff Richmond and if you would like even more help with your mental game so you can replicate the mental processes the top golf pros use. Go here to find out more about Jeff’s great step-by-step Mental Golf Mastery program...