Valley Cottage, USA. It has actually been uncovered that there is one huge swing distinction in between PGA Tour gamers as well as amateur golfers swings. Jeff Richmond currently has a golf swing test to ensure that amateur golfers could test to see if they are turning like a PGA Tour gamer in this one crucial facet or otherwise.

According to With Jeff Richmond (owner of the test):

“If a golfer stops working the golf swing test it could be costing them as much as 50 yards in range, triggering them to substantially do not have precision as well as quit golfers from having any kind of kind of playing golf uniformity.”

This major golf swing distinction was uncovered after investing lots of hours researching as well as contrasting the swings of PGA Tour gamers golf swings, as well as amateur golfers swings. The golf swing test was then developed to ensure that every amateur golfer can promptly discover exactly how their swing compares with the leading expert golfer.

“It’s usual expertise that the typical golfer has actually not enhanced their handicap over the last 30 years despite having all the enhancements in equipment, training course upkeep and also golf instruction modern technology. As well as after finding this set golf swing mistake that many amateur golfers experience, I think it’s one of the major reasons most typical golfers do not boost as high as they would certainly such as.” states Jeff Richmond.

For additional information regarding The Golf Swing Test please get in touch with Jeff Richmond or see Your Golf Swing Test to see The Golf Swing Test amateur golfers should take.