First, I ask you to close your eyes and imagine the following things:

  • Making a golf swing without a maelstrom of a million swing thoughts swirling in your mind…
  • Playing golf without having to find your daily swing, because you already have a robust one that serves you time and again…
  • Possessing a simple, key move which you are able to practice until perfection, so the rest of your golf swing just comes together…
  • Swinging with just one central swing thought, and having that stay consistent, every swing, every practice, and every game…

Sounds crazy, right? But it’s simply not that insane!


Simplest Golf Swing for Busy Golfers

The advice and information I provide through this book let you have the most simple golf swing known to exist, and it finally solves your problem surrounding golf swing timing, which is honestly one that plagues many of us golfers too busy to spend multiple hours a day hitting balls.

Update as of 4-16-2018:
Updated and improved version is on spring sale now until it is taken off – it is even more useful in implementing the single secret move.

Now, the main portion of this book does not include any information regarding the setup. However, towards the end of the book, you’ll find bonus material regarding the setup, should you want to re-familiarize yourself with the essential aspects of it.

The book is primarily about the actual golf swing, and how to make it easier. Proper setup is of course really important. However, if you have an okay setup, then you’ll get the most benefit by enhancing your swing by making things easier and more efficient. That’s just what this book revolves around, so let’s get going.

The Modern Swing Problem

One thing that many golfers discover to be most challenging in the modern golf swing is the timing. One day, you might have it, and the next day, it’s gone. It gets really frustrating, doesn’t it?

Yet, when you look at golf pros at tour events, they look like they have rather good timing every single day. Yet, here’s the catch…


Are 21 Days Enough To Add 21 Yards?

Those guys hit hundreds of balls each day in order to have such timing. You, however, likely don’t have that kind of free time to spend each day hitting golf balls. Even if you did, then the stress-free golf swing methodology is still something that makes your swing much easier. Also, it’s worth noting that this move came from a particular golfer that might have invented the modern art of practicing, which was Ben Hogan.

Ben was one of the best, most consistent ball strikers the world has ever seen.

It’s my opinion that he knew just what the key to success was in consistent swinging, but I don’t think he ever revealed it, not to anyone. I also hold the belief that he didn’t hit a lot of daily balls in the latter stages of his career trying to figure it out. I think he did so because he really enjoyed hitting golf balls appropriately and properly.

It’s been rather well-documented about Ben Hogan’s issues with a hook early in his career in golf. It’s also common knowledge that he changed from a strong grip later to a weak one in order to compensate for or fix this. He did that before his 1949 car crash.


Ben’s ball striking improved after Car Crash!

Stress Free Golf Swing

Cary Middlecoff is a Hall of Famer and three-time major champion. He claimed that Hogan was just as inconsistent as most other tournament professionals prior to the accident, with imprecise iron results and scattering his drives into the rough.

“It was in 1950 that he began showing the kind of precision golf that set him apart”. – Cary Middlecoff

Due to the car crash, Hogan wound up saving his strength to emphasize winning major championships, and he certainly did!

Not a year and a half after the car crash, Hogan actually won the U.S. Open in 1950. Have you heard about the legendary 1-iron at the last moment onto the green? That’s the one!

1953 was the year where he won the British Open, the U.S. Open, and The Masters.

It’ll never be known what might have happened in the PGA Championship, since its qualifying was simultaneous to the British Open.

On the other hand, I’m not going to keep going about what his record was after that crash, since you can look that up on your own if you’re curious. The main thing to know and remember is, Hogan claimed to have a secret, and his ball striking was dramatically improved following that car crash.

In an April 1954 issue of Life Magazine, there was an article quoting Ben Hogan.

“I have a secret… It is easy to see, if I tell you where to look.”

He talked about how he’d explain what he believed the secret to be, as well as show evidence. He also went on to talk about problems with the golf swing that was taught back then.

All of this is just a small sampling from the brand new Stress-Free Golf Swing. If you want to find out even more, then just go here.